PhysioEdge Physical Therapy in Falcon, CO

Hands-On Physical Therapy That Gives You The Edge

PhysioEdge Physical Therapy in Peyton, CO

Hands-On Physical Therapy That Gives You The Edge

PhysioEdge Physical Therapy in Peyton, CO

Hands-On Physical Therapy That Gives You The Edge

PhysioEdge Physical Therapy offers better PT services

Better Physical Therapy

Our comprehensive physical therapy services are customized to meet your specific needs and performance goals.

PhysioEdge Physical Therapy has health experts on staff

Experienced Professionals

We have the expertise of a Physical Therapist, Certified Sports Nutritionist, and Orthopedic Specialist all under one roof!

Get affordable PT treatment from PhysioEdge Physical Therapy

Affordable Services

We provide expert physical therapy services based on what you NEED so you don’t waste money on treatment you DON’T need.

Restore Your Wellness And Expedite The Return To Your Active Life!

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Physical Therapy Services

Serving Falcon, CO and the Surrounding Areas

PhysioEdge Physical Therapy & Sports Performance is a locally and family-owned performance physical therapy clinic in Falcon, CO. Our mission is to bring quality, patient-centered care to the area, while using evidence-backed methods to alleviate pain, restore and maintain function, and excel performance. We are here for your needs regarding post-operative rehabilitation, general pain, and athletic rehabilitation.

Manual physical therapy services

Manual Therapy

Hands-on physical therapy treatment helps to restore physical function and mobility, promote recovery and healing, and decrease pain and discomfort.

Dry needling services

Dry Needling

Get dry needling from a physical therapist who is Dry Needling Certified and experience the potential of pain relief, improved movement, and restored muscle function.

Therapeutic cupping services


Therapeutic cupping can reduce inflammation and muscle spasms, provide pain relief, increase range of motion, and even loosen scars and adhesions.

Pre and post surgery physical therapy

Pre/Post Surgery Therapy

Physical therapy services provided before and after surgery can help to minimize surgery-related complications while optimizing function and recovery.

Individualized home exercise programs from PhysioEdge Physical Therapy

Individualized Home Exercise Programs

Customized home exercise programs are designed by a physical therapist and tailored to an individual's specific needs and mobility or rehabilitation goals.

Nutrition counseling for sports performance


We offer nutrition counseling from a Certified Sports Nutritionist and physical therapist with customized meal plans to optimize performance and overall health.

Movement assessments by PhysioEdge Physical Therapy

Movement Assessments

A thorough movement assessment by a physical therapist will help us determine which physical therapy services will best meet your performance and movement goals.

Sports rehab therapy by PhysioEdge Physical Therapy

Sports Rehab Therapy

From the weekend warrior to professional athlete, sports rehab therapy focuses on injury recovery, improved performance, and the safe return to sports post-surgery or injury.

Red light therapy

Red Light

Red light therapy is used by our physical therapist to stimulate soft tissue healing, reduce inflammation, and provide pain relief for improved function and mobility.

Movement assessments by PhysioEdge Physical Therapy

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training

BFR Training is aimed at improving muscle strength gains and muscle mass while utilizing lower training intensities by lifting lighter loads.

Free 30 minute consultation for new physical therapy customers
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Get Back to Your Active Life!

Hands-On Physical Therapy That Gives You The Edge

Dr. Michael Furlin, PT and owner of PhysioEdge Physical Therapy


Dr. Michael Furlin, PT, DPT, OCS, CISSN

After working for other physical therapy clinics, Dr. Furlin realized that there was a great need for high-quality, performance-based physical therapy in the Falcon and Peyton, CO area. Drawing upon his vast educational background, clinical expertise, and personal experience with sports, Dr. Furlin now offers some of the most affordable and comprehensive physical therapy services in the greater Colorado Springs area.

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

Certified Sports Nutritionist

Dry Needling Certified

PhysioEdge Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy &
Sports Performance

We are YOUR source for expert physical therapy treatment in the Falcon, CO area. Improve your physical performance and optimize your wellness by scheduling an appointment today!



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Hands-On Physical Therapy That Gives You The Edge